Linda Tang

Do you find it challenging to sleep during summer? Longer days and shorter nights often mean less rest. The heat, humidity, extra daylight, and noise from your neighbours' backyard BBQ can all contribute to tossing and turning. Improve your sleep this summer by taking our 7 Day Sleep Challenge, and summer proof your bed with our collection of organic and natural bedding.



Lighten things up with our summer weight duvets and you'll instantly feel cooler.  All of our duvets are made of premium natural materials which make them cozy yet breathable. In terms of weight and warmth, our silk duvet is the lightest, bamboo rayon is the heaviest, and alpaca wool is in between. All three duvets drape beautifully to contour the body. Our bamboo rayon duvet is also a vegan-friendly option as it is not stuffed with fibres derived from animals. Shop now. 
Summer Weight Duvets - Silk, Bamboo, or Alpaca Wool
Keeping your cool is important to your overall health and well-being, especially during sleep. When the temperature of the head is just right your brain can slow its activity and help you relax into a deeper sleep. Pillows filled with polyester or foam trap heat and moisture which can cause your head to overheat resulting in tossing and turning. Our buckwheat pillow is our most breathable and adaptable pillow to keep your head cool and well supported. Shop now.
Buckwheat Pillows


As most of us know, bed linens made of synthetic fabrics do not breathe but even 100% cotton sheets are not much better. Conventional cotton is grown and processed with toxic chemicals that are known carcinagens and allergens. We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, who wants to snuggle up next to health hazards? The purity, comfort, and peace of mind of organic cotton can improve the quality of your sleep and our sateen weave is ideal for hot summer nights.  Shop now.
Organic Cotton Sateen Bed Linens
Hot and sweaty are not words we associate with a good night’s sleep. Foam mattresses, including memory foam, tempurpedic, and latex, provide good back support, but they do not let air flow through and thus trap heat and moisture. Dream Designs' mattresses have layers of 1" thick foam to provide similarly good support but these layers are sandwiched between organic or natural cotton batting to keep the heat and humidity down, ensuring a comfortable and cool sleeping environment. Shop now.

Organic or Natural Cotton Mattresses