Dream Designs was founded on the principles of environmental and social sustainability, which guides us in both our strategic planning and everyday operations.  We embrace and promote organic and natural living, quality over quantity, and ethical production standards.  We operate 2 unique programs to help promote sustainability. These programs are:

For more information on these programs or how you can help please contact us.

Banners to Bags

We make bags from recycled nylon banners. They used to fly high above neighborhood streets, proudly highlighting colorful community spirit. Rather than retiring hundreds of these flags to landfills, we're giving them a new lease on life, helpful with groceries and library books, with pride!

To recycle your unwanted nylon banners, simply mail them to Dream Designs at:

3824 William Street
Burnaby, BC
Canada V5C 3H9

t: 604.254.7030

Pajama Party

Everyone needs a bit of comfort, even those who can't afford it.

Donate your used sleepwear, bedding, and towels and receive 15% off Dream Designs organic cotton bedding & bath products.  (Mar 15 - Apr 15)

  • Donated items must be clean and in usable condition, and should be sealed in a plastic bag
  • Please attach an itemised list on the outside of the bag specifying quantity and size
  • Donated items can be dropped off at our retail location or any shelter near you that accept such donations.  If you donate to a shelter, please email a receipt from the shelter to to claim your discount.