About Us

My name is Bei Linda Tang, and I am the Owner/Creative Director of Dream Designs, Founder of Dream Heals, and Author of Navigate Life with Dreams. I live in Vancouver, Canada, with my husband, our two children, my parents, our dog and two cats, on the side of a mountain near the ocean and forests. Surrounded by nature, we grow vegetables year-round and keep backyard chickens and bees.

I am a first-generation immigrant. I was born in 1976 and grew up in Wuhan, China. When I was 17 years old, I moved to the United States with my parents and studied economics and finance at Manhattan College. After graduation, I worked in investment banking for Goldman Sachs in New York and Deutsche Bank in Hong Kong.


In 2001, while I was on vacation in the Caribbean, I met and fell in love with my husband, Steven Kennedy, a mariner from Victoria, BC. After two years of a long-distance relationship, we both moved to Vancouver when I started my MBA study at the University of British Columbia.

Irma McInnis, Founder of Dream Designs (1981-2004) 

The following year during spring break, while on a research mission for a school project, I stumbled upon Dream Designs, a Vancouver-based organic natural home textile company founded in 1981. I found out from a friendly sales associate that it was looking for a new owner. The previous owner and founder, Irma McInnis from PEI, started the company in her twenties. She was known as the Cotton Queen because she refused to sew with polyester. Sadly, she had passed away from Pancreatic Cancer just a month earlier. I love Irma's vision of healthy, sustainable living and soon got in touch with her best friends, who were also the executors of her estate, and became the new owner.

Christmas celebration with the Dream team

For a small independent business, Dream Designs is surprisingly complex. We design/make most of our bedding, bath, and yoga products in-house in Burnaby, BC and sell in person, online, and wholesale to boutiques, resorts, yoga studios, and health practitioner's offices across Canada and the United States. Since I took over 18 years ago, the business has evolved from mostly brick and mortar to mostly online to adapt to social, economic and technological changes. Even though we operate very differently now, our commitment to sustainable healthy materials, meticulous craftspersonship, and Canadian manufacturing remain the same, which has won us the support of loyal customers and long-term employees. These core values are in complete alignment with my personal and family lifestyle. I enjoy the challenges of running a business and the opportunity to express my artistic style. Having a flexible schedule also allows me to spend as much time with my children and family as needed.

Our son Ladon, daughter Aria, me, and my husband Steven Kennedy

About three years ago, I became interested in the science and psychology of dreaming. Dreams consolidate memories, process emotions, and are essential to creative thinking. Having realized the parallels between some of my big dreams and life events, I wrote and published a book titled "Navigate Life with Dreams - A Guide to Happiness and Peace by Working with Your Own Dreams" to teach people how to interpret and apply their dreams to decision making. Over the last two years, I developed a Waking Dream Therapy to guide people to experience profound relaxation, release emotional blockages, and improve their well-being. I now offer free virtual group sessions on most Wednesday evenings; everyone is welcome. If you are interested in joining, please register here. For more information, please visit dreamheals.org.