Our Story

Dream Designs is a brand/maker of organic natural healthy bedding, mattress, bath, and yoga products based in in Vancouver, Canada. Currently, in our fourth decade of operation, our talented team of designers and seamstresses work with premium organic and natural materials and apply meticulous attention to detail to create beautiful, useful, and durable products for the home.  A seriously local business on an infinitely global mission from day one, Dream Designs has always been about quality, purity, and style and we continue to stay true to our roots.  

Our story began in 1981. While the world boogied to disco music in polyester, twenty-something Irma McInnis moved from Prince Edward Island and opened Dream Futon (which would later become Dream Designs) on Commercial Drive, a bohemian neighbourhood in Vancouver, Canada. She worked tenaciously to realize her dream: designing, crafting, and selling items made with natural textiles. She was a savvy businesswoman with a creative mind and passion to spare. The woman once known as the cotton queen saw her company become a trusted brand for natural products for the home despite tragedies in her personal life including a battle with pancreatic cancer which she lost at the age of 49. 

Irma McInnis, Founder of Dream Designs (1981-2004)

With Irma's passing Dream Designs changed ownership in 2004 from one woman who followed her heart to another. Bei Linda Tang, an ex-investment banker, was also in her twenties when she became the owner of Dream Designs.  She discovered the business while researching organic textiles for an MBA class. Even though the two women came from distinctly different backgrounds and had never met each other, Irma and Linda shared a fundamental vision for organic natural living, functional and stylish design, and sustainable business practices.

Bei Linda Tang, Owner/Creative Director (2004-Present)

A mother of two children, Linda juggles her work and her family and feels extremely fortunate to have both, "My family motivates me at every turn to strive for a better future through sustainable development.”

Besides managing Dream Designs, Linda is an author and healer specializing in dreams. Her book Navigate Life with Dreams teaches people how to understand and live by their dreams. She also founded Dream Heals to apply her knowledge and skills in dream therapy in to help people sleep better and alleviate stress, anxiety, and other unwanted emotional burdens.  

To live better, to feel better, and to be better: this is our dream. It is rare indeed to find a company that not only claims to achieve this but actually follows through on all three simultaneously. That’s Dream Designs: bringing everything eco to the people and making sustainable options part of everyday life since 1981. That’s over 40 years of selling good products to good people and we feel really good about continuing the tradition for many years to come.