Organic Natural Face Mask Filtration Liner
Organic Natural Face Mask Filtration Liner

Organic Natural Face Mask Filtration Liner


Product Details

Enhance the aerosol filtration efficiency of our organic cotton contouring face masks by adding these 100% natural cloth filtration liner. Made in Vancouver, Canada from two layers of natural silk satin or certified organic cotton flannel. Ultra-soft. Breathable. Washable. Reusable. Eco-friendly. Unisex. One size only to fit in between the face and our masks. Filter pockets are not necessary for this liner as the mask will hold it in place.

Our Limited Edition Prints masks have filter pockets that require smaller filters to fit inside, which can be found on each Limited Edition Prints mask page. This filter will not fit inside of the filter pocket but can still fit in between the face and the limited edition masks.

We developed this product based on recent research* that studied the aerosol filtration efficacies of cloth face masks, which found the efficiencies improved when multiple layers were used, and with specific combinations of different fabrics such as cotton–silk, cotton– synthetic chiffon, and cotton–flannel. 

The researchers attributed the increase in filtration efficiency to possibly the combined effect of mechanical and electrostatic-based filtration.

The study concludes that a multi-layered, well-fitted cloth mask that combines two different types of fabrics, as shown above, can filter >80% particles smaller than 300nm and >90% particles larger than 300 nm. 

Cloth masks are not medical grade and not sufficient for people with a weakened immune system. We have not tested our masks against pathogens, including COVID-19. Please use at your own risk. To stop the spread of COVID-19, please practise social distancing first and foremost. 

Each household is limited to a maximum purchase of 6 mask liners. 

20% off for essential services workers. Please email us from your work email address and state your position. We'll verify your workplace prior to providing you with the discount code.

Wash daily by hand with soapy water, rinse, and line dry.  Please wash your mask and liner before wearing them. Before putting on your mask and liner, wash and dry hands first. Place the liner on top of the mask, hold them flat together against your nose and mouth, and put on the earloops. If necessary, adjust the earloops to ensure a tight and comfortable fit. If your mask has a nose seal, bend it to close the gap between your nose bridge and the mask. Wash your hands immediately after taking the mask off. Do not wear the mask more than once between each wash.   

* Aerosol Filtration Efficiency of Common Fabrics Used in Respiratory Cloth Masks Abhiteja Konda, Abhinav Prakash, Gregory A. Moss, Michael Schmoldt, Gregory D. Grant, Supratik Guha, ACS Nano 2020, April 24, 2020,