Reusable Protective Gowns

Reusable Protective Gowns

Reusable protective gowns made in Vancouver, Canada. Open in the back, below the knee length, with cuffs, neck and waist ties, and available in S-XL sizes. The one shown is a size large on a 5’6, 145 lb female model.

Washable, reusable, and made from water, tear, and puncture resistant or repellent fabrics. There are two fabrics to choose from:

A. Water resisting poly cotton poplin (white)
B. Water repelling PE coated nylon (blue)

Option B offers more protection than option A, but is less breathable, slightly heavier and bulkier.

Washing instructions:

Wash and dry in gentle cycles and low heat to prolong the life of the water resisting/repelling fabric coating. Test water proofing ability after each wash by spraying water directly against the fabric.