Dreamwork is an effort to discover and explore levels of meaning and significance of any dream experience recalled from sleep, and work with the insights gained for the purpose of self-growth and/or therapeutic benefit.    

- the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD)

Bei Linda Tang is the owner/creative director of Dream Designs and an avid dreamwork practitioner.  She teaches science-based dreamwork to help people connect with their unconsciousness or spirituality to attain mental balance, wellness, and happiness.  

Tang is a wife, mother, Zen practitioner, ex-investment banker, and the author of Navigate Life with Dreams: A Guide to Happiness and Peace by Working with Your Own Dreams.

In 2019, Tang created and hosted Dream Salon - a symposium event featuring world-renowned dream scientists, including Harvard Medical School professor, Dr Deirdre Barrett, and director of the International Database of Sleep and Dream, Dr Kelly Bulkeley, who are both past presidents of IASD.  The panel also included leading dreamwork psychotherapists, teachers, and authors, Dr Leslie Ellis and Dr Ana Mozol, and Joseph A. Dandurand, poet/playwright and the Indigenous Storyteller in Residence at Vancouver Public Library and the director of Kwantlen Cultural Centre.  

Tang's dreamwork services include:

Group Workshop

Learn about the science of dreaming and the basics of dreamwork.  Discover how we dream, why we dream, how dreams communicate, and how to decode dreams.  Optional: bring a dream to share with the group and gain insights on its meanings. 
- 60-minute small group session (1-8 people) 
- Where: Dream Designs store (2749 Main Street @ 12th Ave, Vancouver)
- When: Second Thursday of each month, 1-2 PM.  Please call 604.254.5012 to reserve
- Cost: $20 (First session is free)

Community Outreach

Tang can teach dreamwork and dream sharing to schools, non-profit organizations, professional associations, and other types of community groups.  Please email info@dreamdesigns.ca to inquire about availability.

*Financial Aid 

Fees may be reduced or waived for those who can not afford to pay. Please email info@dreamdesigns.ca to inquire.


Tang's practice and teaching follow the IASD Guidelines for Ethical Dreamwork Training.  While dreamwork is therapeutic, it is not a replacement for psychotherapy.
Watch Bei Linda Tang analyzing one of her own dreams, which featured two whales. This dream inspired her to practice and teach dreamwork.