Mulberry Silk Duvet


Product Details

Enrich your sleep with the luxury of silk.  Our silk duvets are filled with 100% hand-stretched natural mulberry silk, and cased in unbleached natural cotton. They are box stitched to prevent the fill from shifting.

Silk is very lightweight.  Comparing silk to wool of the same warmth, silk is only half the weight.  Silk duvets are best suited for sleeping partners with different body temperatures.  Silk naturally equalizes temperature which will make the cold sleeping partner warm and the hot sleeping partner dry and comfortable.  Silk duvets drape around the body beautifully, eliminating cold pockets under your cover. 

Use a duvet cover to protect your silk duvet.  It cannot be soaked in water.  Please dry clean or spot clean with a damp cloth.  We also recommend airing it out under the sun to eliminate germs and odours.

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Temperature and humidity equalizing
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made in China exclusively for Dream Designs

Weight (approx KG)

  • Summer (Twin 0.8, Queen 1.1, King 1.3)
  • All-season (Twin 1.4, Queen 1.7, King 2.1)