Mattress 120-Day Home Trial

Dream Designs’ 120-Day Mattress Home Trial starts from the day the customer receives the shipment/delivery and ends when the 120-day period is over. To be eligible for return, the customer agrees to take the the following actions to protect the mattress during the trial period:

  • Open the purchased mattress within 5 days from the date it was received;
  • Save all the packaging materials in case of return;
  • Protect the mattress fully with the plastic sheet provided within the full duration of the trial (see detailed instructions);
  • Email photos of the mattress covered and sealed in its protective plastic at the beginning of the trial period
  • In case of return:
    1. Email us to start the return process;
    2. After receiving a confirmation from us, take new photos of the mattress on its base still sealed in its protective plastic prior to moving and repackaging the mattress;
    3. Repackage the mattress with the original packaging materials following the packaging instructions for its safe return;
    4. Email us the photos of the mattress back in its package. We will arrange the pickup.

Dream Designs has the right to reject a return if the customer fails to meet any of the above conditions. At any time during the 120-day period, if the customer decides to use the mattress without the protective plastic cover, the mattress will no longer be eligible for return.

After the mattress is returned to our warehouse, our production staff will inspect it to ensure that it is not damaged or soiled, and only gently used under a protective layer.  If the result is satisfactory, we will issue a refund or an exchange if requested.

We will take measures to sanitize the mattress prior to selling it at our warehouse as “Clean and Gently-Used” at a discount.