Fastest Duvet Stuffer

Vancouver Organic Bedding Company Is Bringing Cozy Back

Dream Designs Gets Vancouverites Excited About Getting Under The Covers As It Looks To Break World Record for the Fastest Duvet Stuffer.

Nov. 28, 2013 – Vancouver, B.C. – Frosty mornings and chilly nights make Vancouverites want to snuggle up under the covers. Now, you can see how fast you can get that duvet stuffed, get cozy and earn some street cred too as Vancouver-based organic bedding business Dream Designs ( challenges Vancouverites to break the duvet stuffing world record.

Dream Designs kicks off its year-long quest to find the fastest Lower Mainlander to put on a duvet cover on Saturday, Nov. 30 in an attempt to break the Guinness World Records® Record of 42.97 seconds currently held by Ireland’s Alan Hughes.

The inaugural duvet-stuffing contest will be at Grandview Park during the 2nd Annual Christmas On The Drive event and is designed to be a fun way to learn more about getting a better sleep.

"We want to celebrate the mundane yet important life skill of making beds, and hope that these contests will draw the public's attention to how they sleep," said Bei Linda Tang, Creative Director at Dream Designs. "What our bedding is made of has a huge impact on our quality of sleepand the environment."

Dream Designs will host duvet cover stuffing contests at community events as well as its retail store, 956 Commercial Dr., throughout the next 12 months.


  1. The duvet must be a standard sized double (approx size 200 x 200 cm).
  2. At the beginning of the attempt the cover must not be touching the duvet.
  3. The timing ends once the duvet is in the cover.
  4. The participant must raise their hands above their head to signal they have finished.
  5. The duvet must be placed ‘neatly’ within the cover and this means that the four corners of it are in the four corners of the cover and that the fastenings (buttons or poppers) of the cover have all been done up correctly.
  6. If the corners of the duvet are not in the corners of the cover or the cover is not fully or correctly fastened, the attempt is disqualified.