Organic Cotton Face Mask - Full Coverage

Organic Cotton Face Mask - Full Coverage

Organic Cotton Face Mask made in Vancouver, Canada from two layers of tightly woven 100% certified organic cotton sateen. Convenient elastic or pain free fabric ear loops, both adjustable to fit different face shapes and sizes. Sew-in nose wire*. Breathable. Washable. Reusable. Unisex. 

* The nose wire we use is wrapped in plastic and moisture resistant. With repeated washes, the ends may rust and cause pin-size stains on the fabric. If this is a concern, please consider our other two styles of organic cotton face masks with the wire: Contouring Face Masks and Sleeve Style Face Masks.  

To make your mask bigger or smaller, adjust the ear loops. For elastic earloops, pull the knots out of the side channels, untie and then re-tie them. For fabric tie earloops, simply untie and then retie the knots. Your mask should fit snugly on the face, but not too tight that it pulls on the ears. 

Wash by hand with hot water and regular soap to sterilize and hang to dry. Do not microwave. 

This mask has not been tested against pathogens, including COVID-19. Please use at your own risk. To stop the spread of COVID-19, please stay home and practise social distancing first and foremost. This mask is not sufficient for people with a weakened immune system. 

We offer bulk discounts to organizations seeking 50 or more masks.

  • 50 or more - 10% off and free shipping (discount code "Mask50")
  • 100 or more - 15% off and free shipping (discount code "Mask100")
  • 200 or more - 20% off and free shipping (discount code "Mask200")

We started designing and making masks in March in response to the severe PPE shortage and have supplied masks to healthcare professionals, logistics operators, grocery store workers, and other frontline essential services workers who keep our society running in the current pandemic. Our story was featured in the Global News.