Hemp Cleaning Cloths

Hemp Cleaning Cloths

Canadian made from hemp fabric scraps*.

Our hemp cloth is absorbent, durable, and dries quickly. They are slightly coarse to help scrub off the dirt without damaging surfaces*.

Suitable for dusting furniture, wiping down the kitchen and bathroom, cleaning mirrors and glasses, and detailing your car, RV, or boat. You can also attach it to your own mop handle to mop the floor (use elastics to fasten if necessary).

To boost your hemp cloth's cleaning power, dampen a corner with water or spray the surface with diluted white vinegar (1:3 vinegar to water).      

Set of two small (12x12") or large (15x15") cloths. Safe to launder in washer and dryer.

* Minor fabric flaws may exist, which won't affect the functionality of the product.

* To prevent damage to delicate surfaces, always test first on a small area.