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  • 7 Day Sleep Challenge

    Having trouble sleeping?  Consider we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, poor sleep is a pretty major problem that affects every aspect of our being.  Take charge of your sleep by taking this 7 day sleep challenge.  A challenge is one of the best ways to break old habits and make way for positive changes.  Commit yourself to these good sleep hygiene habits for 7 days and let us know if your sleep improves.   Get up before 7 AM Keep active during the day, avoid taking naps No caffeine after 2 PM and no alcohol after 6 PM Finish...

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  • World's Best Pillow?

    Is there such a thing as the world's best pillow? As the owner of a bedding company and someone who was rear ended in two car accidents, I am super particular about my pillow.  I am particular about its height or loft. It can't be too high or too low. I am particular about its size. Too big it can't provide the contouring, but too small I can easily roll off it in my sleep. I am particular about its firmness. A pillow may look full and fluffy, but can totally compress once your head is on it, providing no...

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  • Dream On!

    2014 marks my 10th anniversary as the owner and creative director of Dream Designs.  10 years ago at this same time of the year, Steve and I drove around Vancouver in search of organic cotton fabrics which would lead me to Dream Designs.   I was studying at UBC towards my MBA degree at the time, and my Entrepreneurship course study group picked organic textile as our main focus.  It was a sunny warm day during my Spring Break and cherry blossoms had just started to bloom in all of the neighborhoods.  Having read about organic cotton in length, I...

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