Safety Pin Connects Us All

The recent trend of wearing safety pins emerged after Brexit and Trump's Win to signal safe harbours to those facing discriminations, but it has broader implications to the collective human experience.

Who doesn't need safety?  Muslims, jews, refugees, immigrants, minorities, LGBT, those who are too fat, too skinny, too liberal, too conservative, too religious, too atheist, too old, too young, too tall, too short, too poor, too smart, too dumb, too slutty, too black, too white, too yellow, too orange, too needy, too independent, too emotional, too sensitive ... the list goes on and on.  Anyone and everyone who has ever been shamed and treated unfairly because of who they are need safety.  No one is perfect, deep down we all understand what it's like to be vulnerable and in need of safety, some more than others.

Wearing a safety pin is not about anti-Brexit, anti-Trump, or anti-anything.  To desire and seek safety is to be human.  To offer and provide safety is also to be human. Safety is a fundamental condition that concerns every human being and binds us all to each other. The pin is very sharp, and yet it's concealed in a rounded shell -  much like our true nature, staying dormant in cruise control mode to get through the everyday but spring into life when things go sideways.  

Modern societies are heading into uncharted territories. The loss of balance, normalcy, and safety will inevitably wake each and everyone's true nature and cause us to act in response.  As the fabric of the world unravels at this moment in history, now is the time to ask questions.  What's your vision for your future?  What's your vision for your kids' future?  What's your vision for the world for generations to come?  

May safety be your guiding light on the journey in realizing that vision.  Join the discuss on our Facebook page.

Bei Linda Tang

Owner of Dream Designs

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