Dream Salon

A forum to explore sleep and dream through science, art, and dialogue.

Dream Salon is a convergence of pursuits towards the understanding of sleeping and dreaming and how they shape the human experience.  Everyone sleeps and dreams, yet no definitive answers exist as to why we dream, how we dream, and what our dreams mean.  Artists, poets, writers, musicians, and dancers carry on the age-old tradition of drawing inspirations from the dreamscape.  Scientists, mathematicians, and engineers make breakthroughs in problem-solving in their dreams. 

For something so important it's surprising the general public know and talk about very little.  Dream Salon aims to educate the public about advancements in the study of sleeping and dreaming in the hopes of bringing dialogue about dreaming into the mainstream.  In our evermore materialistic and divisive world, this inward shift may help us gain insight into our own as well as others' spirituality and life's meanings. 

The Dream Salon event will be held in the evening in a theatre in Vancouver in November.  There will be TED styled talks and panel discussion on stage, and a dream inspired art exhibit in the reception area.  

We are looking for keynote speakers, artists, and sponsors to be part of the project.  If you are interested please contact us before June 2019.  Confirmed keynote speakers and panelists include

Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D. is an author and psychologist who teaches at Harvard Medical School.  She is known for her research on dreams, hypnosis and imagery and has written on evolutionary psychology. Barrett is a Past President of The International Association for the Study of Dreams and of the American Psychological Association’s Div. 30, The Society for Psychological Hypnosis. She has written four books for the general public: The Pregnant Man and Other Cases From a Hypnotherapist's Couch (1998), The Committee of Sleep (2001), Waistland (2007), and Supernormal Stimuli (2010). She is the editor of four academic books: Trauma and Dreams (1996), The New Science of Dreaming (2007), "Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy" (2010), and "The Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreams." (2012). She is Editor in Chief of the journal Dreaming: The Journal of the Association for the Study of Dreams and a Consulting Editor for Imagination, Cognition, and Personality and The International Journal for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis.

Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D., is director of the Sleep and Dream Database. He earned a doctorate in Religion and Psychological Studies from the University of Chicago Divinity School, an M.T.S. from Harvard Divinity School, and a B.A. from Stanford University. A former President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and Senior Editor of the APA journal Dreaming, he has written and edited several books. Among his works are Dreaming in the Classroom: Practices, Methods, and Resources in Dream Education (co-authored with Philip King and Bernard Welt) (State University of New York Press, 2011), Dreaming in the World’s Religions: A Comparative History (New York University Press, 2008), American Dreamers: What Dreams Tell Us about the Political Psychology of Conservatives, Liberals, and Everyone Else (Beacon Press, 2008), Lucid Dreaming: New Perspectives on Consciousness in Sleep (co-edited with Ryan Hurd) (ABC-Clio, 2014), Big Dreams: The Science of Dreaming and the Origins of Religion (Oxford University Press, 2016), and Lucrecia the Dreamer: Prophecy, Cognitive Science, and the Spanish Inquisition (Stanford University Press, 2018). He lives in Portland, Oregon.