"La Luna 9" modular latex mattress

"La Luna 9" modular latex mattress

Designed for superior natural comfort and support, our "La Luna" mattresses are adjustable, durable, and sustainable.  Quality made in Vancouver Canada from premium 100% natural Dunlop latex foam and recycled wool felt casing.  

  • 100% natural Dunlop latex
  • 80% recycled wool/20% viscose zippered casing
  • Adjustable and customizable support
  • Stackable to enhance comfort
  • Easy to move, rotate, and flip
  • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic*
  • Ecological, biodegradable
  • No metal springs, thus no electromagnetic disturbances 
  • Durable, longlasting
  • Quality made in Vancouver, Canada
  • 20+ year life expectancy

Built upon nearly 4 decades of expertise in crafting natural organic mattresses, Dream Designs developed its latest "La Luna" modular latex mattresses to achieve the ultimate in healthy sleep, comfort, flexibility, durability and sustainability.

"La Luna" is handcrafted in Canada from premium natural latex, wool, and organic cotton.  Each material is carefully selected not only for comfort and durability but also health benefits and low ecological footprints.  To support body alignment and alleviate back and shoulder pain, we use 100% natural Dunlop latex, which offers superior long-lasting support.  With two available density levels to choose from depending on each sleeper's weight and personal preference, each sleeper can mix and match to achieve the desired softness and support.  As each layer is 3" thickness, "La Luna" is easy to handle and can be stacked up to 12" thickness to cater to each sleeper's preferred firmness and support.  We use a felted recycled wool fabric for the mattress casing to even pressure, promote air circulation, and as a natural fire retardant.  For queen and king size beds, each side can have different support and softness. 

The "La Luna" experience

Sleeping on a "La Luna" is like floating in mid-air.  Similar to memory foam, "La Luna" conforms to the body's contour and supports natural alignment, but does not give the sinking and trapping sensation.  Chiropractors often recommend people who suffer from back pain to use either memory foam or latex foam mattresses.  Latex is far superior because it's natural, more breathable, and durable.  To enhance cushioning, reduce micro movement, and promote calmness and restfulness, we recommend adding a 1" thick organic cotton mattress pad on top of the "La Luna". 

The "La Luna" has an expected lifespan of 20+ years depending on usage, When you suffer from deteriorating comfort and diminished support, it's time to shop for a new bed.    

Benefits of modular design
Adaptability - Our bodies age and our sleep needs change over time - so should our mattresses.  With a modular mattress, you can start with one or two layers, and add more layers 5 or 10 years later to provide support as you age.  Unlike an appliance, a mattress never breaks down and can last a lifetime so long as it's made from high-quality environmentally friendly materials and properly cared for.  Because these mattresses will live a long time in your home it's important to use quality materials that won't become toxic as they age.   
Improves co-sleeping - Modular mattresses also improve co-sleeping.  The modules isolate motion and minimize disturbance.  By combining different types of modules, you can also adjust firmness, bounciness, and breathability of the mattress to suit each co-sleeper.  
Easy to transport and store - our modular mattress can be moved and stored by a single person rolling up each module.  When travelling or have guests over you can use one or two modules from your mattress to make a temporary bed, and put it away back onto your bed afterwards.

Use and Care

Your "La Luna" should be either placed directly on the slats of a platform bed frame or on top of a box spring to ensure air ventilation.  If placed on slats, the gaps between slats should not exceed 1.5".  It is recommended to flip and rotate the "La Luna" once a year to even out the compression.  Please clean the La Luna by spot cleaning with a damp cloth and thorough air drying.


Shipping is free to all Canadian metro areas.  Remote delivery charges may apply.  Vancouver customers can either pick up their mattress from our warehouse or have it delivered for free on Saturdays.  

Our mattresses can only be sold in Canada.  The US has stricter flammability standards which require the use of potentially toxic petrochemicals.  Exceptions can be made with a doctor's prescription for non-CFR 1633 compliant mattress.  For more information, visit www.peopleforcleanbeds.org.  


Latex - ECO, GOLS, Oeko Tex 100

Organic cotton - GOTS, Oeko Tex 100


While our products are made of natural materials, we do not guarantee that our products are scent-free or warrant against allergies and chemical sensitivities.  The materials we use have faint natural scents that do not bother most people and will dissipate with time.  They were produced with little or no input of chemicals.  If you are worried about allergies please either email or discuss with our store sale associates about a material tester kit.  In addition, it's important to ensure your sleeping space is dry and well ventilated.  Even though wool and latex are known for antimicrobial properties, if placed in damp spaces for an extended period, they may become mouldy.